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Cement Rendering  

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High Pressure Cleaning  



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Consultancy Agreement

·          A non refundable account set up fee of $300 will apply to all contractors. Contractor registrations will be required to pay the set up fee giving them access to Realty Guru clients jobs. This fee is based on Realty Guru having to create your account template with your logo, profile picture, corporate information, service area and annitial marketing to existing clients .

·          All clients acquired by Realty Guru remain clients of Realty Guru during and after termination of this agreement. All access to work in progress will be given to Realty Guru for billing purposes. Realty Guru has the right to communicate with the clients under the name of the contractor for billing and administration purposes even after termination of this agreement until work in progress has been completed on those individual jobs.

·          All jobs are based on property addresses and not quote numbers or any other reference other than the address of the property. If a quote is accepted by the client after termination of this agreement and expiration of quote terms, the job remains valid and will incur commission to Realty Guru upon acceptance by the client.

·          Commission is paid to Realty Guru on job acceptance and not client payment. Realty Guru will invoice weekly for all go ahead jobs with seven (7) day payment terms. Realty Guru has the right to extend these payment terms if agreed to by Realty Guru and the contractor. If no agreements are made Realty Guru reserves the right to demand payment after seven (7) days.

·          Upon termination of this agreement all outstanding monies owed to Realty Guru will be paid within seven (7) days. Any accumulated work in progress invoices will be paid in full within seven (7) days from date of invoice by Realty Guru.

·          After termination of this agreement Realty Guru has the right to contact all industry clients on behalf of other contractor clients for marketing purposes. Realty Guru will not engage in any slander or attempt to acquire any company information after all work in progress jobs have been completed.

·          All marketing material (except advertising flyers), systems and intellectual property developed by Realty Guru for the contractor remain the property of Realty Guru during and after the termination of this agreement. The use of these systems and marketing material will be considered a breach of Realty Guru’s intellectual property rights and may result in a damages claim against the contractor unless permission is given by Realty Guru for its use.

·          All exclusive contractor email addresses will be maintained by Realty Guru after termination of this agreement to assist Realty Guru during the finalizing of all work in progress, this does not include Realty Guru’s company email addresses. Upon both parties agreeing to the completion of the work in progress Realty Guru will no longer use these email addresses and they will then remain the property of the contractor.

·          Managed Maintenance Services Pty Ltd has the right to remove the contractor as head contractor of all work in progress in the event that the original contractor is in breach of this contract and no longer able to process remaining jobs with Realty Guru clientele in line with the terms of this contract.

·          All administration phone/fax numbers and other Realty Guru contact information will remain the property of Realty Guru during and after termination of this agreement and can be used by Realty Guru for day to day company purposes with the clientele and any potential clientele.

·          This contract is a twelve (12) month contract with on option of renewal at the end of the twelve (12) month period. This contract does not offer a trial or a cooling off period.

·          The contractor “will not target or do any work what so ever” for the clientele past and present in the Realty Guru system for a period of twelve (12) months after termination of this agreement

·          Realty Guru has the right to terminate this agreement on the basis of:-

A)      The contractor does not conduct his services in a professional manner.

B)      The contractor does not provide the correct information required for the online system to properly service the clientele on a job by job basis.

C)     The contractor does not meet the service level agreements set out in the online system

D)     The contractor does not provide a high level of quality service to the clientele

E)      The contractor does not make his/her payments to Realty Guru as agreed in this contract.

F)       The contractor does not maintain a high level of presentation when servicing its clientele.

G)     The contractor’s staff are caught steeling from job sites.

H)      The contractor’s staff are seen to be on drugs or drinking alcohol during work hours.

I)       The contractor is doing work for any of the past or present clients outside the system or off the books.

J)       The contractor is involved in any way with a conflict of interests with Realty Guru.

K)      The contractor’s staff do not meet the above requirements in anyway.

L)       Or any other valid reason by MMS that may jeopardize the future working relationship with its clientele.


I agree to the above document and understand the terms and conditions of this agreement
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